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Archives: April 2015

Targeted Termite Control

Termites are a destructive wood destroying insect and therefore require a much greater focus than most any other pest. The professionals at Hamlin Pest Management are extremely knowledgeable in termite biology, behavior and construction. Our technicians are familiar and experienced in effectively inspecting and treating your home for termites. We are trained in the proper use of termite pesticides and are proud to be certified Termidor professionals. Our technicians are highly qualified in all termite inspection, removal and prevention methods.

Thorough Termite Inspections

Termites by design are very good at hiding significant amounts of damage. This is because they eat wood from the inside out! Hamlin Pest Management technicians know exactly where and what conditions to look for when detecting and tracking termites. We offer a very thorough termite inspection, seeking out all favorable conditions that attract termites including wood that is in contact with soil, open seams around bath taps, sweating pipes and concrete cracks. During a termite inspection, Hamlin Pest Management technicians also look for termite mud tubes and rotted out wood, as these are sure signs of a termite infestation. Termites use mud tubes to travel to and from your home and eating the wood of your house. If we discover these signs of infestation during one of our inspections, it is essential to put a barrier between your home and the termites. Hamlin Pest Management are happy to do that as well!

Detecting Termite Infestations

The technicians at Hamlin Pest Management will thoroughly inspect all areas of your home and property. We know that termites typically gather in attics, basements and inside of the walls in your home. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect all of the spaces in your home that are appealing to termites. Hamlin Pest Management will be able to tell you what type of termites have invested your home, how serious the termite damage in your home is and the best method to eliminate termites from your home – the Termidor method.

Termidor Termite Treatments

We believe that Termidor is the best defense product against existing termites and also the best way to prevent future termite infestations. The Termidor system forms the barrier between your home and invading termites. It utilizes a liquid technology that termites cannot sense. Rather they come in contact with, ingest and share with other termites; unaware that this liquid is killing them. It begins working immediately and provides complete termite elimination in three months or less after treatment. Hamlin Pest Management recommends follow up inspections and monitoring to detect new potential termite threats.

An inspection performed by a Hamlin Pest Management technician will ensure that your termite problem or infestation will be properly taken care of and termites will not only be eliminated but future infestations will be prevented. Contact Hamlin Pest Management for professional termite home inspections.

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